Our Mission

ArtistUpgrade is a graphic and web design boutique based in NYC. Our Mission is to develop the most professional, effective, personalized websites and print materials for  creative professionals and entrepreneurs looking to increase exposure and expand career opportunities. We do this by developing websites and graphics that are tailored to each unique client’s wants, needs, and career goals. Visit us at ArtistUpgrade.com

The Team

Mick Lauer The Head Designer
Ahoy! I design things. All sorts of things. Like computer internet stuff and printed color on paper stuff. I like computers and I like to draw. So I do them both now for a living. And I smile. Read more about Mick on our Website!

Also check out Mick’s website: MickLauer.com

Katie Willis The Designer
Howdy! I also design things. All sorts of things. I’m also an actress and improv comedian. At ArtistUpgrade, I combine my passions of design and performance. Katie happy! Read more about Katie on our Website!

Also check out Katie’s website: KatieWillisNYC.com

Chelsea D’Aprile The Project Manager
Hello there! Welcome to the wonderful world of ArtistUpgrade! I have the privilege to work closely with our clients and guide them through the ArtistUpgrade experience, from inquiry to the design process to the completed project! I’m another friendly member of the team who is always available to answer questions. Read more about Chelsea on our website!

Also check out Chelsea’s website: ChelseaDAprile.com

Alison Moehnke President & Owner
Hi! I want to personally welcome you to the world of ArtistUpgrade. I take an active role in the day to day operations of our company, consulting with clients, scheduling projects, maintaining quality control, and, most importantly, making sure our customers are happy. You can contact me with just about any question you might have regarding your web or graphic design project. Read more about Alison on our Website!

Also check out Alison’s website: AlisonMoehnke.com