Website LAUNCH!

This is our final website launch of 2011 – and we’re going out with a bang! Check out this custom website we designed for voice actor, Bill Mondy. As a successful film and television actor, Bill Mondy’s work is creative, textured, versatile, and distinct. He wanted a website to reflect these qualities and simplify his previous website by slimming down the content and focusing on the demos. Building on Bill’s existing brand image, head designer Mick Lauer created this easy to navigate website complete with mobile friendly video and voice demos. Congrats to Bill on your new site – great way to end one year, and begin another!

Website LAUNCH!

Lauren Jones is a voiceover artist who specializes in E-learning, Audio Tours, Narration, Audio Books, and Instructional Services. Her appealing, confident, reassuring voice helps deliver a clear read and connect with listeners. Lauren’s site features our spiffy new HTML5 mp3 player which plays beautiful in all modern web browsers and mobile platforms, including the iPhone and iPad! Head designer Mick Lauer had a blast playing off of Lauren’s computer/apple idea to develop a unique brand and marketing message that helps communicate the soothing, personable, and youthful qualities of Lauren’s voice. Congrats to Lauren on her new website:

Why do you need to refresh your browser and clear your cache?

We get this question A LOT when developing websites for our clients. Especially when there are lots of revisions throughout the process. The reason you need to refresh your browser and/or clear your browser’s cache is because every time you visit a website, the content is being stored on your computer. If you’re not seeing changes that have been made to your site, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re viewing the older stored version of the site – not the site as it actually exists online. When in doubt, if you’re not seeing changes that have been made, the first troubleshoot you should try is to refresh your browser and clear your cache.

For more info on how to clear your cache, check out this easy to understand article by Leo Noteboom: “What’s a browser cache, how do I “clear” it, and why would I want to?

Website LAUNCH!

The Dental Office of Dr. Klampert & Dr. SchrammCongrats to the entire team at The Dental Office of Dr. Kamplert & Dr. Schramm on their new website! This dental duo decided to increase their exposure by putting together a website to help promote their local family dental practice and provide patients with an easy to access online resource for dental services and care. Head designer, Mick Lauer, helped them create a logo that resonated with their Vermont location and went on to develop this clean and easy to navigate site.

While visiting the dentist might not be everyone’s cup of tea, we assure you that visiting this website is easy and painless. And if it’s been a while since your last check up, you might want to make a trip to White River Junction Vermont to see the good doctors!


If you’re anything like me, you love the word “free”. Especially when it’s combined with the word “Shakespeare”.

As an actor, taking advantage of “free” classes can be a valuable investment of your time. It’s a great way to meet new teachers and test the waters prior to making a financial commitment. Furthermore, free classes provide yet another opportunity to work on your craft, learn something new, and network with other actors.

Check out one of the two free Shakespeare intros being offered tomorrow, details below.

Deloss Brown’s cycle of new Shakespeare classes begins on Tuesday, October 18, and the free sample classes are on this Thursday, October 13 at 4:15 and 5:30, at Shetler Studios, NYC.  The free class will talk about ROMEO AND JULIET and text used for the regular cycle (6 classes this time) will be HAMLET. Find more information here:


Website Launch!

After a year in the making, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of both Corinna’s new audio book, DOUBLE TIME, as well as her new website, designed by Mick Lauer. Corinna is a novelist, journalist and essayist who plays the minor role of Milly in her audio book, “Double Time”. It was during the recording of the audio book in 2010 at NYC’s Edge Studio, that Corinna met head graphic designer, Mick Lauer who voiced one of the characters in the book. After recording, Corinna asked Mick to create the graphics for the book cover, and eventually, redesign her website to promote the October 2011 release of the audio book “Double Time”. Check out Corinna’s website and learn more about her books, “Double Time” and “An Artful Affair” :

Website LAUNCH!

Jonathan Tilley Logo

Jonathan Tilley. The right voice. The right choice.

Jonathan may have his studio located in Germany, but his voice has been heard around the world. And with a completely new (upgraded) marketing image, he’s ready to take the world by storm … er, by the internet.

Class and style leather-bound in corporate clarity. Check out this one of a kind ArtistUpgrade custom website designed just for Jonathan by ArtistUpgrade head designer, Mick Lauer.

Website LAUNCH!

Jason Brough ThumbnailWhat is Modern Americana? We don’t believe it has an official definition … yet. But we do know one thing: Voice talent Jason Brough carries the sound of Modern Americana.

Jason offers a truly American voice, light on the accent, but rich with personality. The heart of America offers an endless variety of experiences, just like his voice. It can be wild and fun, or soothing and gentle, even fierce and striking at times. But no matter the emotion or message conveyed, Jason’s voice is always honest and clear. Check out designer Mick Lauer’s visual representation of Modern Americana with this site designed just for Jason:

Website LAUNCH!

This site is awesome, wrapped in awesome, covered in awesome sauce. Check out the cross browser compatible, mobile device ready, blog incorporated,  site redesign we just completed for award winning voice talent, Doug Turkel – the UNnouncer…it’s…just…killin’ it with awesome. (Oh, and if you’re on the run, don’t worry, this puppy works perfectly on your iPad – not a flick of flash. Yup. Awesome.) Check it out: