One summer. Over 25 website LAUNCHES!

WOW.  We had an AMAZING summer at ArtistUpgrade.  An amazingly BUSY summer!  (Yay!)

Just in a few short months, we crafted nearly 30 new brand strategies and launched over 25 new websites.  Not to mention, our existing clients kept us busy with continuing website updates and upgrades (which means YOU were busy, too!).

Busy is good and we couldn’t be happier.  Sadly, our dear old blog was a little neglected during the summer months.  (Sorry blog and avid blog readers!)  We finally had some time to catch our blog back up to speed!  When you get a chance, take your time and have a look through our most recent website launches.

Website LAUNCH!

Bill Froberg is passionate about voiceovers. With 30 years of communicating in the service industry, Bill had the daily opportunity to listen to, learn from, and speak with people of all ages and all walks of life, telling stories, relaying information, ceaselessly engaged. He believes all of the listening and speaking is in part some of the best training he could have asked for.  His goal was to start marketing his vocal skills more effectively with a new brand image and One Page Voiceover Website.

Designer, Mick collaborated with Bill in crafting his sleek brand imagery and designing his wide One Page Voiceover website.  Bill’s site features his commercial demo, vocal profile, biography, professional training and more.  With a brand image and new website, Bill is now set to take his voiceover career to the next level.  To learn more, visit :


Website LAUNCH!

Leslie Diamond is a female voice talent with clarity and class. One sparkling gem that stands out among the rest: Leslie Diamond shines in the recording booth – she has unlimited energy and knows how to focus her energy to bring any script to life…

Leslie had previously been using diamonds for her marketing materials to match her sparkling personality.  It was an obvious design concept that we could all easily hop onboard with.  Designer, Katie collaborated with Leslie in crafting this art-deco inspired glitzy diamond-themed brand image and One Page Voiceover site.   To learn more about Leslie, please visit :

Website LAUNCH!

Voice talent, Jeff Briggs can give a short commercial or web presentation the charm and punch it needs to make your marketing effective. He can keep your listener engaged and make an hour-long industrial narration fly by. As a natural storyteller with a unique tone and great instincts for interpretation, Jeff will bring your copy to life and make it sing.

Jeff’s project was a team effort.  Prior to coming to ArtistUpgrade, Jeff had a logo designed.  Designer, Mick, incorporated Jeff’s logo into the context of an entire brand image (playing upon Jeff’s key vocal qualities of dynamic, young, and conversational).  Then, designer Katie, incorporated the brand image into the wide One Page Voiceover website.  Now Jeff has a super rad brand and website to showcase his demo, voiceover services, biography, and more.  To learn more about Jeff, please visit :

Website LAUNCH!

Dawnn Leary, Female Voice Talent, has a warm, sincere and young voice.   With her unique sound and her deep and rich tone, Dawnn can convey social conscious messages for social media campaigns or commercials, communicate professional and instructive narration for educational videos, projects or podcasts and express fun, warmth and sincerity in commercials, audio books and narration.

Collaborating with designer, Katie, Dawnn’s brand image is feminine, friendly, warm, and approachable to highlight her vocal qualities.  Dawnn’s One Page Voiceover website highlights her commercial and narration voiceover demos, previous clients, client testimonials, biography, studio capabilities, voiceover training and more.  To learn more about Dawnn, please visit :

Website LAUNCH!

Cristina Sison’s unique voice and ability for naturally delivering copy in both English and Tagalog landed her a regional voice over job for AT&T when the producers needed a female bilingual voice over artist at the last minute…Cristina holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. She is also a Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member of the Ma-Yi Theatre Company, and is currently the Resident Production Stage Manager for the Drama Division at Juilliard.

Collaborating with designer, Katie, Cristina wanted to incorporate her initials within her brand image.  Katie took over from there and crafted this warm, friendly, and down-to-earth brand image and One Page Voiceover site to accurately represent Cristina’s vocal qualities and industry expertise.  Now Cristina has a platform to effectively market her unique voice.  To learn more and to listen to Cristina’s demos, please visit :

Website LAUNCH!

Annette Guzman Rainesalo is a professional voice-over talent and owner of Get Me That Voice! She has over 20 years experience voicing radio and television commercials, station imaging, political ads, corporate and industrial video productions, multimedia, promotional and telephony projects.

Mick collaborated with Annette to craft her brand image/logo and custom voiceover website.  This super-fun custom site features a page each for Annette’s voiceover demos, videos, featured clients, biography, and contact information — perfectly customized to meet Annette’s web needs.  To see an example of a custom voiceover site and to learn more about Annette, please visit :

Website LAUNCH!

Kate Fishman has a highly distinctive voice with a warm, rich, elegant, intelligent, urbane, well-traveled, strong and confident tone, with a wry sense of humor. Fluent in Italian and French and comfortable with foreign language content, Kate’s voiceover industry specialties include audio tours (especially for museums) and narration.

Combining Kate’s love of travel, language skills, global appeal with her vibrant vocal qualities, designer, Katie, crafted this sleek corporate-friendly brand image to fit into a One Page Voiceover Website and print materials.  From post cards and business cards to an entire CD design, Kate’s new print materials and website will help her market herself more effectively.  To learn more about Kate and listen to her demos, please visit :


Website LAUNCH!

Matt Tarka is a voice over artist and communications specialist. With a young and friendly voice, Matt’s expressive, deep tones indicate strength, compassion and thoughtfulness. Matt is also a singer/songwriter who performs regularly in the Washington,  D.C. area.

Combining Matt’s personal aesthetics and friendly-guy-next-door appeal, designer, Katie, crafted a simple and modern brand image to accurately portray his vocal qualities.  With the new wide One Page Voiceover Website, Matt can showcase his narration demo, training resume, contact information, biography, and more to potential clients.  To learn more about Matt and to hear his voiceover demo, please visit :

Website LAUNCH!

Laurie Pearson has provided the voice for a variety of eLearning modules, narrations, and commercials. An educator and instructional designer who understands the demands of eLearning and advertising, Laurie responds quickly to requests, turns around accurate, upbeat voice files, and is always available for reworks and last minute requests.

Katie had the best time working with Laurie on her brand image and One Page Voiceover Website.  To mimic Laurie’s upbeat and “bubbly” vocal qualities, we crafted this design incorporating colorful bubbles flowing out of a microphone.  (FYI : Generally, the designers at ArtistUpgrade prefer not to use microphones in brand images…but it seemed to work quite well in this situation).  Overall, Laurie’s site design is energetic, friendly, approachable, and happy (without being too “childlike”).  To learn more about Laurie, vist :