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Christian Rosselli has the kind of voice that’s fun to listen to, cuts through with the message, and always sounds strangely familiar (maybe because you’ve heard it before). For his design, we needed something modern, fresh, and cool … but simplified.

A logo was provided for the project, so part of the puzzle was how to implement and harmonize the design of the website, with an existing element. We decided to go riff off the simplified nature of the logo, while giving the site a modern twist with subtle animations to what are usually static elements.

The result is a slick, modern, user-friendly website, that after a few seconds of exploration, becomes noticeably more interactive and “cool”. Just like Christian “Cool” Rosselli (that’s his middle name … no it’s not … but it could be). Be sure to check it out!

Website LAUNCH!

Claire Wilkes is a voice talent with a love of nature: the clarity and groundedness, the honesty and peacefulness of the great outdoors. All the qualities she enjoys bringing to her voice over work.

This site went through a few initial design concepts. And while the first results of our collaboration were “good” and “close” … all it took was one step back, a walk around the lake, and revisiting it with fresh eyes. At that point, the right choices seemed obvious, and we went from “good” to “great!”, from “close” to “perfect!”.

Be sure to visit Claire’s new voiceover website and enjoy the clean “Claire-ity” of her voice (sorry, I couldn’t resist).


Website LAUNCH!

JTI is a technology-based consulting and manufacturing firm. Specializing in unique Architectural driven, commercial, and industrial projects using fiberglass and other nonmetallic products, JTI has been in business for over two decades.

In order to better compete in the modern market, they needed a website that was as professional as their reputation.

The goal of this redesign was to show visitors what they needed, nothing more. So a clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface was needed. The combination of “trimming the fat” (in terms of content) and a sleek and simple design, gives the user the most efficient and productive viewing experience.

JTI is going to be around for quite some time, and ArtistUpgrade is proud to a part of their digital foundation. Go check it out at

Website LAUNCH!

Miriam has a voice print that is clear, youthful and quirky. Based in Southern California, she has voiced young adults and children and trained in commercial, audio book narration and ADR with Nancy Wolfson, Pat Fraley, Edge Studios, and Barbara Harris. Miriam has studied the Alexander Technique with Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad.

Miriam’s design reflects the fresh, engaging, and overall youthful quality of her voice, but without singling her out as a narrator for children.  The site is fun and light, yet grounded and clear, a harmony heard in the vocal delivery of Miriam Volle. Her website uses our new mobile-friendly layout, that looks great on both computers and mobile devices, and functions perfectly (including the track players).

To learn more about Miriam, visit her site:

Website LAUNCH!

Mary Baker is a Los Angeles based voice talent who’s voice is as sweet and satisfying as the new website we redesigned and are pleased to present to the world. Playing off of Mary’s last name ‘Baker’, the marketing possibilities were endless: ‘Always satisfying’, ‘served daily’, ‘crisp’, ‘warm’, ‘tastefully prepared’ voiceovers…the list went on. From a creative design standpoint, it was as exciting as being a kid in a candy store 😉 To keep from getting carried away, we focused on “Professional Voiceovers. Served Daily.” Check out Mary’s site for a dollop of delightful, a sprinkling of sweetness, and a dash of spice. Congrats to Mary on her new site!

Website LAUNCH!

Joey Schaljo is much more than a voice. Actress, live and on-camera host, educator, comedian, and business woman, Joey’s years of experience with voice over, performance, and the art of communication have granted her the ability to comfortably and naturally command the microphone.

Despite the humble simplicity of “a girl named Joey”, it’s a friendly reminder that even with all of her professional experience, she remains a grounded, approachable person with a great sense of humor.

Be sure to check out her site :

Website LAUNCH!

Eric Aragoni isn’t your typical voice talent. While he’s fully capable of delivering the cool, friendly, conversational tone commonly used in a wide range of commercial work, he also has a deck’s worth of tricks up his sleeve. Impressions, characters, and a wild arsenal of delivery styles, Eric excels at capturing his audience with an extra hook.

Smart, clean, quirky, and with just the right amount of zap. Eric is truly a talent who voices inside and outside the box.

Website LAUNCH!

Noelle Romano is a prime example of a client who knows what she “needs”, without tripping over what she “wants”. Her initial materials had already been designed: clean, bright, colorful, and fun. A perfect match not only for her voice, but for her career direction.

With such open and maliable source material, translating the design into a website was merely a matter of details. A perfect fit for the new 3-column layout, it’s got all the bells and whistles (including a track player compatible with mobile devices, and a neat little “call” button in the corner), all while remaining clean and clear. Just like Noelle.

Website LAUNCH!

Lynne has been working the microphone for 4 years.  With her recent move to the Big Apple, Lynne’s goal was to hit the ground running.  With general narration under her belt, her focus has now spread to e-learning and telephony.  An ambitious goal, but more than reasonable considering her passion.

This new design was crafted around her intelligent and confident voice. Grounded, like herself, the design also offers a solid yet classy appeal, perfect for the smart city mom on-the-go.

Website LAUNCH!

Gretchen Gale Voice ArtistGretchen Gale Merriweather has to have one of the most smile-inducing voices of our time.  Designing with warmth and sunshine was as easy as making her laugh.  Fun, vibrant, warm, friendly, and full of life : her voice, as well as her website.

It’s no wonder she known for making her clients happy: she prides herself on taking direction, delivering the goods, and loving what she does.  If ever need a jolt of positive energy, check out