I Already Have a Domain Registered, Can You Still Build My Website?

Yes! Your domain is simply your address in cyberspace. When we’re ready to launch your website with ArtistUpgrade, we tell your domain to call up the website from our host and, ta-da, your site works on your domain! Okay, it’s a little more complex than that, but we won’t bother you with the boring details. Suffice it to say, we can work with your domain registrar to get your site up and running.

What’s a Domain?

Your Domain is simply the “.com” (ie. www.MickLauer.com). It is also commonly referred to as a “URL”. Many designers will charge monthly fees for your Domain. The truth of the matter is that Domains are generally purchased by the year, not the month. We feel it’s only fair to do the same. Purchasing a website from ArtistUpgrade will guarantee your Domain name for the first year. After that, if you choose to renew your website with us, the cost will be about $10 for each consecutive year or equivalent to the industry standard to keep your website up and running on the web.

Do You Charge Hosting Fees?

The Host (or Server) is where is your website lives. Think of the Host as a garage that is rented out to your website (the car). Some hosts can only handle a few websites, but ours has room to spare! So, instead of charging you a monthly fee, we’ll gladly host your website, free of charge, for as long as you’re our client with us. What can we say? We like to share!

Can I Edit My Own Website?

Yes and no. Yes, because we create every ArtistUpgrade Signature Website to include CMS technology, which allows you to login to your account and edit all the text on your site. So, if you need to change you phone number, or add a credit to your resume, there’s no need to contact ArtistUpgrade. All the changes take place in real time, so as long as you have internet access, you can edit your site from anywhere in the world.

File Sharing Q & A

ArtistUpgrade has created an online file sharing account for you to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to submit all your materials to us before we are scheduled to start the design process for your project.

Remember, you can always easily access your file sharing account by bookmarking the following link: files.artistupgrade.com. If you forget your username and password, no worries! Simply contact ArtistUpgrade, and we’ll get ya up and running in no time!

Below you will find frequently asked questions regarding your file sharing account. If you can’t find an answer here, please feel free to contact your Project Manager at any point in the process.

How Do I Download a File?
The first thing you’ll want to do when you access your file sharing account and reset your password is download the ArtistUpgrade Instructions (for Signature Site and Custom Site clients) or VO Form (for Voiceover clients).

To download the file, simply click on the file name and select “OK” (or you can select the box to the left of the file and choose “Download” from the top menu bar).

How Do I Upload a File?
To upload a file or files, click on the Upload feature at the top left of the menu bar in your file sharing account. There are two principal options for uploading files: the basic uploader, and the Java Uploader.

To upload an individual file (less than 25 MB), browse for the file on your computer. Select the file, and Upload.

To upload larger files (up to 1 GB) and multiple files at a time, use the Java Uploader feature.

NOTE: Keep in mind that upload time will vary depending on the size and quantity of the files.

TIP! For clients who are getting ArtistUpgrade Signature Sites or a Custom Site, we recommend creating a folder on your computer desktop labeled “My Website”. Within that folder, create subfolders for each page or section on your website, and place all your materials into the corresponding folders. When you’re finished gathering all your materials, use the Java Uploader feature in your file sharing account to upload all of the files to the corresponding folder at once.

How Do I Remove a File?
If you would like to delete a file that you have uploaded, select the checkbox to the left of the file, and click “Delete” from the top menu bar (6th button from the left).

How Do I Move a File?
To move a file into a different folder, select the file and choose “Move” (5th button from the left) in the top menu bar in your file sharing account. You can then select the folder into which you would like to move the file. Click “Save” when you are ready to move the file. You can cancel at any point by clicking “Cancel”.

How Do I Copy a File?
To make a duplicate of your file and place it into another folder, you should select the file, choose “Copy” (4th button from the left in the menu bar), and select the folder you would like to copy it to. You can cancel out by clicking “Cancel”.

How Do I Rename a File?
If you need to rename a file after you’ve uploaded it to your account, select the file and choose “Rename” from the top menu bar in your file sharing account. Rename the file and click “Rename” when you are finished. You can cancel at any point by clicking “Cancel”.

How Do I add Notes to my Files?
If you have notes for a specific file, select the note icon in the right column next to the file. Type in your notes, and click “Save”!

What’s the deal with the PAGES and FORMS folders?
If you are getting an ArtistUpgrade Signature Site, you will see two folders in your file sharing account – PAGES and FORMS. The PAGES Folder includes folders for each page of your Website. The FORMS Folder includes all of the forms that correspond to each page of your site. Simply download each form, fill it out, save your changes, and upload the form to the corresponding PAGE Folder, along with your materials for that specific page.

If you have any questions, refer to your Instructions, or contact your Project Manager!

How Do I create a New Folder?
To create a new folder (for example, a Miscellaneous Folder for files that you’d like to include for our reference only or do not know where to place), select the “New Folder” option in the top menu bar in your file sharing account. Name the Folder and click “Save”.

How Do I Share my Account with a Collaborator without giving them Access to my Account?
If you would like other people/organizations to submit files for your project without granting them access to the account we created for you, you can provide them with the instructions below (copy & paste into email):

Go to URL: http://artistupgrade.com/upload.php
Enter Username: artist
Enter Password: upgrade2011
Use the browse/upload feature to submit files – that’s it!

I have Voice Demos, What Format should they be in?
Please submit your voiceover demos in MP3 format.

I have Videos, What Format should they be in?
Acceptable formats for upload are .flv, .mp4, and .mov. If your videos are on YouTube or Vimeo, just send us the links, and we’ll embed them onto the site!

As always, please feel free to contact your Project Manager at any point in the process. Happy gathering!