Beware of Fake Domain Renewal Notices!

In an internet age where viruses, scams, hackers and the like roam the web, it is important to recognize a scam when you see one. If you manage the domain registration of your website, be wary of fake domain renewal notices, claiming that you owe money to renew your domain name. If you receive a domain renewal notice from an unknown source, first check with your domain registrar. If you forget where the domain is registered, you can easily look it up by doing a Whois search online.

If you have a website with ArtistUpgrade, and if we have registered your domain name for you, we will always notify you one month prior to the domain name expiration date.

Learn more about an example of a fake domain renewal notice by reading this article online.

iContact FREE Edition > Email Marketing

iContact is now offering a FREE edition for your email marketing. Not only is email marketing an easy way to send mass emails and track their effectiveness over time, but it also serves as a great way to manage your professional contacts. Check it out –sign up today!

If you need help setting up your account, we’ll be happy to walk you through it – just give us a call or shoot us an email! > Everything on Stage is your source for everything Broadway, Off-Broadway, and across the country. With hundreds of articles, job postings, show listings, photos, videos, and industry news, is a great resource for creative professionals.

Among all the neat stuff offered by is a section devoted to jobs & casting listings. Find internships, administrative opportunities, casting calls, and more – Check it out!

Jordan Matter > NYC Photographer

Jordan Matter is a New York photographer who is absolutely brilliant. ArtistUgrade has admired his headshots for clients Amy Cerullo, Donna Ross, and Amy Jackson, and thought it was about time to share his headshot brilliance with all of you! He has a great sense of humor, he’s a family guy (he even shares photos of his family on his website!), and he is quite adventurous with his photos (he has been known to take off his shirt while photographing in 25 degree weather on Madison Ave…). Check out his website at and be sure to visit his BLOG.

Click below to check out examples of Jordan’s work for our clients!
• Amy Cerullo’s photo gallery
• Donna’s photo gallery
• Amy Jackson’s photo gallery.

Free Offers from Disc Makers

Disc Makers has special free offers for musicians, vo artists, and the like! Check out their FREE Musician’s Guide to Audio Recording HERE – a publication packed with tips and articles for anyone in the audio recording business. Check it out!

Also check out their other free resources in their Free Catalog.

For more information on Disc Maker’s services, check out their website at

Committing to the Process

Committing to the Process
by Leslie Becker
Author of The Organized Actor®

You’ve probably often uttered the words “I want to be on Broadway” or “I want to be on a sitcom” or “I want to book a national commercial.” Of course, as an actor, those are all understandable wants and desires. They are also totally POSSIBLE wants and desires. In fact, I truly believe that if you decide you want something, believe it’s possible, and go out and actually do it, that you can get just about everything you desire.

But what does it really take to get all of those things? Some answers that may come to mind include “talent” “perseverance” “versatility”. And sure, it takes all of those things. But in this industry, there are thousands of people who are incredibly talented, perseverant and versatile. So how can you make sure that you rise to the top?

I call it making the non-negotiable commitment to the process. Committing to the baby steps. Those seemingly mundane tasks that may not seem very exciting in the moment, but that truly make up the very core of your success. This business, like anything else in life, is a process. The true understanding of that will allow you to sustain in this career.

I could give you an enormous list of things you could do to further your career. Or I’m sure you could come up with a list on your own. But creating the list is not the important thing. The important thing is to actually DO THE THINGS ON YOUR LIST. Not just once. Not just two times, but daily, weekly, consistently. It is your consistency and commitment to the process that make a career in this business.

While every person has their own path, and certain steps are more successful for some than others, here are some of the non-negotiable daily tasks that have given me great success in this business.

  • 1. Send out resumes, postcards and/or announcements to your mailing list every single day. Total up the number of people you have on your list and divide it by 30 (30 days in a month). If you have 300 people on your list you’ll be doing 10 per day. If you’ve got 1000, you’ll be doing about 35 a day. Do it everyday. Non-negotiable.
  • 2. Depending on your area of focus, work on it daily. If you’re a singer, vocalize. If you’re a dancer, go to class. If you’re a voiceover artist, work on copy. If you’re a commercial actor, practice copy on-camera. Committing to improving every single day is crucial. Do it everyday. Non-negotiable.
  • 3. Spend some time everyday looking over the industry publications and websites to see what’s up in the industry. Be informed. Listen. Take action on what you hear. Everyday. Non-negotiable.
  • 4. Don’t rely on your agent to get you appointments. Trust me, they are working hard for you, but sometimes, by no fault of theirs, they are not able to get you an appointment. Make their job easier by going to auditions as often as possible. Auditioning is a skill of its own. The more you go on, the better you get! Go on auditions. Non-negotiable.
  • 5. Continue studying. I don’t care how far along in your career you are, you’ve got to continue your training in some form. Whether it’s a dance class, acting class, commercial class or private voiceover lessons you’ve got to continue your studying. Work on your craft everyday. Non-negotiable.

Making the commitment to all of these tasks or even just one could make a huge difference in your career. Commit to the process. Pick at least one of these and do it everyday. Non-negotiable. And just watch what your commitment can create.

Leslie Becker is an award-winning actress and the author of The Organized Actor®, the #1 selling empowerment tool for actors for 16 years and counting…

For more information, visit

Bob Fraser >

Offering great advice and encouragement for actors and artists, Bob Fraser is an industry professional who knows how to help you get work! Offering weekly e-mail newsletters, words of wisdom, and professional workshops, this guy is a valuable resource for working professionals and those who want work in the Entertainment Industry.

For more information and helpful tips and advice, visit For information on upcoming workshops, visit Also visit to sign up for a free subscription to Show Biz How-To e-mail newsletter!

Website LAUNCH!

ArtistUpgrade announces the official website launch for voiceover talent Susan D’Angelo. Susan came to us needing a brand image and logo for her voiceover career. She liked the idea of incorporating the ocean and beach into the overall look of the site, so we ran with this concept to create this one page voiceover site. Professional, friendly, engaging – that’s the sound of Susan. Check out her site and listen to her demo!

The Art of the Agency Interview

A couple of weeks ago, I attended “The Art of the Agency Interview” with Tony Nation, the president of Actors Connection in NYC. Not only do I have the great fortune of working at ArtistUpgrade as the Project Consultant and Office Manager (and Social Media guru…well, sort of), but I am also pursuing my passion for the stage as an actress in the Big Apple; this workshop, needless to say, was quite helpful! I’d like to share with you other aspiring actors out there some of the insightful tips I learned for what to expect come time for the highly anticipated agency interview. So grab a pencil and paper (or open a Word document on your computer), and get ready to take notes….

The most important part of any interview, of course, is to be yourself – show your personality, what makes you unique and interesting – but even more so in an interview with an agent is that you must constantly be aware that you are, indeed, selling a product – the thing you know best…YOURSELF. To do this, you must know where you fit in the market of the industry.

Let’s start with the first question you will undoubtedly be asked in any agency interview…

  • “So…tell me a bit about yourself…”

This simple question, asked in statement form, is the most difficult question to answer, and you have about one minute to intrigue the agent, hook them in, and make them want to learn more. This is your inner one minute monologue that isn’t just a regurgitation of your resume. Rather, this one minute is your chance to show the agent WHO you are, what you’ve been up to, and why you should be represented; all the while, you must display charm and a sense of humor. Easy, right? I’d suggest jotting down a few bullet points of what you think you should mention, and practice saying this little blurb (careful not to over- rehearse, though – you don’t want a stale and robotic speech!), and make sure it stays short and sweet.

Now, onto specific questions for different industries…Below, I will outline the questions you should expect in an agency interview with Commercial/Print agents and Legit (TV, film, and theatre) agents, and what you should prepare for each of them – because, as you know, to make a good impression, you must come prepared! So do your research.

Click here to skip ahead to the Legit Interview!

After the “Tell me a bit about yourself”, these are the questions you should expect at an interview with a Commercial/Print Agent…

  • What commercials have you done?

Make sure you’ve prepared a list of the commercials you’ve done, so you’re not stuck saying, “um…uh…let’s see..I did a commercial for, um…” Type out a list and have it ready to show to the agent! If you haven’t done any commercials — Have you taken a commercial class? Where? With whom? For how long?

  • What types do you play in commercials?

When thinking of what types you have played in the past, or what types you think you will fit into, Tony Nation suggests placing an adjective before the type. Examples: the quirky best friend, the chipper girl next door, the nerdy pizza delivery guy, the overbearing parent, etc.

  • What age range do you play?

Never provide specifics! If the agent asks you how old you are, answer with an age RANGE.

  • Who do you get told you look like?

Think of celebrities with whom you share a similar type of flair, energy, or look. Since you’re interviewing for commercials, it may be good to think of some commercial celebrities – for example, “I think I have the energy and look of Flo from Progressive”.

Again, the first question you will probably be asked is “Tell me a bit about yourself.” After this, be prepared for the following questions in a Legit interview (film, TV, and theatre)…

  • What have you been doing lately?

You may have already touched on this a bit in your one minute answer to “Tell me a bit about yourself,” but here you can get more specific – what roles you’ve recently played, what directors you’ve worked with, where you’ve performed, etc.

  • What roles and shows are you right for currently on Broadway and Off-Broadway?

Do your research on this! Look at Broadway shows and Off-Broadway shows, and see what roles you think you’d be good for. If you’re into musical theatre, be specific – your vocal type, dance experience, etc. Agents are looking to see how well you know where you fit in the market – if you’re a cool, hip frat guy type who thinks you’re perfect for the Wizard in Wicked, well, then, you probably want to re-think where you fit in this industry…Agents need to know how to sell you, and they want you too to know how to sell yourself.

  • What’s the role that you’re dying to play?
  • How old are you?

No specifics! Give an age range.

  • Who do you get told you look like?

What celebrities do you share a similar flair or look with? If casting directors are looking for a James Franco type, the agents will go to those actors who have a James Franco vibe. So again, do your research.

  • Who are the casting directors who know your work?

Prepare a list! Build your list of Casting Directors who have called you back, have worked with you in workshops, have called you in to audition, have cast you in shows. Can’t think of any Casting Directors? Go out to open calls, attend workshops and seminars, and get yourself seen!

Whew! Enough information for you? I hope it’s been helpful. Good luck!

All the best,

For more information on Actors Connection and their seminars and workshops, visit