Website LAUNCH!

Claire Wilkes is a voice talent with a love of nature: the clarity and groundedness, the honesty and peacefulness of the great outdoors. All the qualities she enjoys bringing to her voice over work.

This site went through a few initial design concepts. And while the first results of our collaboration were “good” and “close” … all it took was one step back, a walk around the lake, and revisiting it with fresh eyes. At that point, the right choices seemed obvious, and we went from “good” to “great!”, from “close” to “perfect!”.

Be sure to visit Claire’s new voiceover website and enjoy the clean “Claire-ity” of her voice (sorry, I couldn’t resist).


Website LAUNCH!

Jevon W. Spencer is a Detroit native and voiceover extraordinaire with a smooth, deep, and commanding voice.  His past voiceover credits include spots for Ford Motors, Lincoln, Landrover, and various radio stations.  Jevon is also an actor and has appeared in various commercials, short films, and stage plays in the Greater Detroit area.  Jevon came to ArtistUpgrade to showcase his awesome demos with his very own One Page Voiceover Site (which will help take his career to the next level).

Jevon’s web design balances masculine industrialism with playful serenity.  The dark concrete elements play into Jevon’s powerful and confident vocal qualities while the fun splashes of water play into his friendly and warm side.  This website features our latest HTML5 demo player which operates perfectly on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.  The site also links up with PayPal so that Jevon can easily get paid for his voiceover work.

What a treat to collaborate with Jevon on his website!  His energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  We wish him all the best with his voiceover and acting endeavors!

To learn more about Jevon, please visit: 


Website LAUNCH!

Margo Zinberg is a Los Angeles voiceover artist with a natural, earthy and sultry tone.   In 2009, after training with top VO coaches in L.A., Margo stepped behind the mic full-time. Since then, her credit list has grown, ranging from spots for restaurants, art museum exhibits, credit unions, casinos, jewelers and healthcare to PSA’s, travel ads and narration. She also voices audiobooks for Learning Ally and podcasts for AIRS LA.

As a wine aficionado,  Margo came to ArtistUpgrade with the tagline “Chateaux Margo…saVOr the flaVOr.”  We incorporated Margo’s wine theme and tagline into her One Page Voiceover Site which played nicely into her sophisticated and sassy vocal qualities.  Mmmmm, this splash of red wine paired with the dark burgundy color really add a lovely touch to Margo’s design.

To learn more about Margo, please visit her site :

Website LAUNCH!

Joleene, a professional voiceover artist from Colorado, has a rich, warm, and feminine tone.  With plenty of teaching experience, Joleene’s voice is perfect for e-learning, tutorials, webcasts, and documentaries.  After studying with Edge Studio, SuchAVoice, and VoiceOverXtra, Joleene came to ArtistUpgrade for the Complete Voiceover Package which includes our One Page Voiceover site, custom business cards and post cards, and a CD design.

Joleene’s design is soft, inviting, and feminine which plays into her vocal qualities and areas of voiceover expertise.  Her site uses our latest HTML5 demo player which functions perfectly on both computers and mobile devices!

To learn more about Joleene, please visit her site:

Website LAUNCH!

Miriam has a voice print that is clear, youthful and quirky. Based in Southern California, she has voiced young adults and children and trained in commercial, audio book narration and ADR with Nancy Wolfson, Pat Fraley, Edge Studios, and Barbara Harris. Miriam has studied the Alexander Technique with Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad.

Miriam’s design reflects the fresh, engaging, and overall youthful quality of her voice, but without singling her out as a narrator for children.  The site is fun and light, yet grounded and clear, a harmony heard in the vocal delivery of Miriam Volle. Her website uses our new mobile-friendly layout, that looks great on both computers and mobile devices, and functions perfectly (including the track players).

To learn more about Miriam, visit her site:

Website Launch!

Wendy Algranati is a Los Angeles voiceover artist with a penchant for the fun, fresh, friendly, and upbeat.  With an avatar and logo previously designed, she came to ArtistUpgrade for our classic One Page Voiceover Site to showcase her voiceover demos and videos.  Since she’s a social media pro, Wendy’s website also has a live Twitter Feed and links up to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  and her WordPress blog.

All the graphics were custom-tailored to match Wendy’s fun style.  We had a blast designing this bubbly site!

To learn more about Wendy, click the link below :

Website LAUNCH!

Having grown up amid the urban sprawl of northwest Iowa, Jim Wigdahl relocated to Boston years ago, where he has been pursuing a secondary career as a voice talent.  With a voice that carries content, thoughtfulness, integrity, and maybe even some humor,  Jim’s areas of expertise include narrations, commercials, and documentary voice work.

Jim’s design incorporates his humble midwestern roots as well as his city-savvy sensibilities.  Using our new One Page Voiceover Site layout, Jim’s site includes our popular HTML5 demo player and links to various social media networks and PayPal.

To learn more about Jim, visit his site:

Website LAUNCH!

Mary Baker is a Los Angeles based voice talent who’s voice is as sweet and satisfying as the new website we redesigned and are pleased to present to the world. Playing off of Mary’s last name ‘Baker’, the marketing possibilities were endless: ‘Always satisfying’, ‘served daily’, ‘crisp’, ‘warm’, ‘tastefully prepared’ voiceovers…the list went on. From a creative design standpoint, it was as exciting as being a kid in a candy store 😉 To keep from getting carried away, we focused on “Professional Voiceovers. Served Daily.” Check out Mary’s site for a dollop of delightful, a sprinkling of sweetness, and a dash of spice. Congrats to Mary on her new site!

Website LAUNCH!

Joey Schaljo is much more than a voice. Actress, live and on-camera host, educator, comedian, and business woman, Joey’s years of experience with voice over, performance, and the art of communication have granted her the ability to comfortably and naturally command the microphone.

Despite the humble simplicity of “a girl named Joey”, it’s a friendly reminder that even with all of her professional experience, she remains a grounded, approachable person with a great sense of humor.

Be sure to check out her site :

Website LAUNCH!

We are SO excited to announce the official website launch of professional voiceover talent, Karl Zinchak!  Karl is an experienced voice talent with a 20 – year career as an official spokesperson for the US Navy and the Department of Defense.  His voice is clear and commanding yet warm and trustworthy.

Karl is now breaking into new industry specialities such as documentaries, commercials, and narrative work.  He came to ArtistUpgrade for a website design that didn’t focus entirely on his military background — but rather, a design that complemented his vocal qualities and new industry niches.  This open road design is clean, simple, and geared towards a global audience.  This site features our latest HTML5 demo player which is compatible on mobile devices (including the iPhone)!  The design also incorporates custom social media links matching his preferred color scheme of black, gray, and red.

Want to see / hear more?  Check it out: