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The Fitness Face-Lift with Irene Ankner, Facial Fitness Coach
Thursday 9/15/11 @ 2:00PM
Actors Connection :: 630 9th Ave :: Suite 1410 :: NYC

Synopsis from Actors Studio:
Everyone in the public eye, especially actors and performers, want to look their very best. Of course one of the ways of doing this is with exercise. We tone every other part of the body but forget about our faces and necks.

In this fun, FREE, fitness workshop that Irene has been doing for over twenty years, she will show you a simple at-home exercise and acupressure system to strengthen the twenty-two facial/neck muscles, tighten the connecting skin and diminish lines. This will leave your face looking youthful and fresh for years to come without the risk and cost of plastic surgery. What could be better?

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