HURRICANE IRENE AU CONTEST! Win Printing for 250 Business Cards!

Many creative professionals are tied to technology for their work.  Our designers at ArtistUpgrade rely on computers and a fast internet connection for web and graphic design.  Voiceover artists rely on their audio equipment.  Actors use the internet to search and submit for auditions.  So what do you do when a storm, like Hurricane Irene, threatens to throw a wrench in your creative process?  Creative Professionals – how are you going to work if the power goes out?  ArtistUpgrade is seeking submissions for creative solutions on advancing your career even when technology fails.

Simply reply to this post with your submission by Friday, August 26th at midnight. If we have internet connection, we will announce the winner soon after 😀

Win Printing for 250 Business Cards!!

The fine print:  Current ArtistUpgrade client winner receives FREE business card design + FREE printing for 250 business cards.  New ArtistUpgrade client winner receives 20% OFF business card design + FREE printing for 250 business cards.

Stay safe this weekend!

  • Alison Moehnke

    Without power, I’d be forced to finally clean out the filing cabinet, review quarterly taxes, and write some much needed handwritten thank yous to all our fabulous clients which I’d then mail via carrier pigeon…just hope the pigeons bring their “A game” and ponchos.

  • Katie Willis

    I would hand-write HTML code by candlelight!