I like Flash™, do you do Flash™?

While we are adept at Flash™, we do not find that it serves our clients well. Flash™ is useful for a number of purposes: online applications, cool web-ads, and showing off your Flash™ skills to people who require Flash™. But in a world that values time, you’ll wind up doing more damage than good with a thirty-second Flash™ intro to your website, or distracting your viewers while they visit your website with extraneous movements.

It’s amazing how many people lose interest (rather than gain) after having to sit through half a minute of whooshing images and funky beats. The point of a website, especially your website, is to give your audience information about you, not showcase how talented your Flash™ designer is. Not only that, but Flash™ is not compatible with all devices. It’s true, most people have access to the Flash™ plug-in, but there are still those who do not. For this reason, most Flash™ sites have alternative HTML sites that will render in browsers or devices that don’t read Flash™. Keep in mind that this means the development of two websites, and usually twice the investment.

If you do decide that Flash™ is the way you’d like to go, we’re happy to discuss options and point you in the right direction. In our experience, Flash™ is an option, but not the best option for the majority of our clients.