Never Hire a “Social Media Expert” > Article by Peter Shankman

It’s the buzz around town – Facebook, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn – all social media platforms blanketing the web through a cyberspace spiderweb of connections. Social media can provide important channels for advertising, branding, and expanding your target markets, but when you’re approached by a self-proclaiming “social media expert”, take heed! In his Article Why I Will Never Ever Hire a ‘Social Media Expert’, Peter Shankman warns against such folk. In fact, he believes that if you own a business and have a so-called “social media expert” on your team, you’re simply “wasting your money.” With an analogy that compares an expert in social media to an expert who can take bread out of a fridge, Peter explains that if the goal is to “make an awesome sandwich”, you need to know more than just how to take bread out of the fridge. A social media expert may know how to create online profiles for Facebook and LinkedIn, but without strong marketing goals and superior customer service as the backbone of your marketing strategy, those social media platforms will do nothing for your business. Peter Shankman sheds some light on what effective marketing is all about. Below is a summary of some key points he shares in his article:

  • It’s about transparency. In a nutshell, don’t lie to your customers; you’ll only get caught and dig yourself in a hole.
  • It’s about using the tools you know that work to market to an audience by providing exemplar customer service.
  • It’s about relevance. If you are tweeting about a cool new discount your company is offering for a limited time, and none of your customers use Twitter, well, you’ve accomplished nothing.
  • It’s about brevity. Peter Shankman claims that these “social media experts” out there can’t write. Good writing is essential to good marketing. You have three seconds to capture the attention of a customer. Go.
  • Perhaps most importantly, it’s about knowing your customer and making sure the customer thinks of you first.

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What are your thoughts on social media? How has social media helped your company? Do you disagree with Peter Shankman when he says that social media experts are, essentially, a waste of investment? Share your comments here!