There seems to be only one template for your ArtistUpgrade Signature Sites. Why is that?

Having a hundred templates is the same as having none. All you’re saying (with that many choices) is that you don’t know what the best choice is. We believe that the goal of your site isn’t to have the most original design; the goal is to have most effective design. So we developed a comprehensive website structure that is equally easily customizable, accessible, and functional.

The foundation of the ArtistUpgrade Signature Site didn’t come out of thin air or out of the idea that it just “looks” great. We’ve done our research, consulted industry professionals and professional artists across America, and implemented all their feedback to create the most stylish, clean, and efficient website design specifically to fit the unique needs of artists. We’ve been a part of the artistic community for over 10 years and understand the elements of a well-constructed website, and the career damaging capabilities of a poor one.

With every website created at ArtistUpgrade, we’re constantly researching, critiquing, analyzing and modifying our designs to meet the needs of the artistic community. It is our job, as well as our goal, to ensure that artists everywhere are getting the most effective website on the market. The AristUpgrade Signature Websites serve that purpose with precision and professionalism and are continually evolving to make perfect something that’s already great. Rather than starting from scratch, which would require a lot of pre-design leg work, the format for the ArtistUpgrade Signature Websites already has a strong foundation in place – so we can spend more time investing in all the fun stuff like colors and fonts without charging an arm and a leg for custom development from the ground up.