Voiceover. Voice over. Voice-over.

Let’s put this relentless spelling debate to bed once and for all!

According to the Official Voices.com Blog (and the “Heavyweight Merriam-Webster” Dictionary),  the official spelling of our “beloved noun” is… (drum roll please) …


Did that just blow your mind?!

From a graphic design point of view, I personally dislike the look of the hyphen.  To me, it’s a bit clunky and scientific.  As much as I’m a stickler for these types of things, “voiceover” is a lovely and unified word.  At ArtistUpgrade, we’ve done a lot of neat things (graphically) with the hyphen-less arrangement.  So, I may just rise up against “the Man” (in this case, the dictionary) and spell it in the aesthetically pleasing way…

That is…until I have a client that wants the official spelling… in which case, I will gladly oblige. 😀

-Katie (Associate Graphic & Web Designer)