Website LAUNCH!

JTI is a technology-based consulting and manufacturing firm. Specializing in unique Architectural driven, commercial, and industrial projects using fiberglass and other nonmetallic products, JTI has been in business for over two decades.

In order to better compete in the modern market, they needed a website that was as professional as their reputation.

The goal of this redesign was to show visitors what they needed, nothing more. So a clean, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface was needed. The combination of “trimming the fat” (in terms of content) and a sleek and simple design, gives the user the most efficient and productive viewing experience.

JTI is going to be around for quite some time, and ArtistUpgrade is proud to a part of their digital foundation. Go check it out at

  • http://ALOTTAVOICE.COM/ Gabriel Collier