Website LAUNCH!

Laurie Pearson has provided the voice for a variety of eLearning modules, narrations, and commercials. An educator and instructional designer who understands the demands of eLearning and advertising, Laurie responds quickly to requests, turns around accurate, upbeat voice files, and is always available for reworks and last minute requests.

Katie had the best time working with Laurie on her brand image and One Page Voiceover Website.  To mimic Laurie’s upbeat and “bubbly” vocal qualities, we crafted this design incorporating colorful bubbles flowing out of a microphone.  (FYI : Generally, the designers at ArtistUpgrade prefer not to use microphones in brand images…but it seemed to work quite well in this situation).  Overall, Laurie’s site design is energetic, friendly, approachable, and happy (without being too “childlike”).  To learn more about Laurie, vist :